Emergencies Happen: 4 Reasons You'll Need 24/7 Intrusion Restoration

3 June 2021
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Here's the thing about water damage: It happens when you're not expecting it, and often at the worst time. That's why it's important for you, the homeowner, to have contact information for 24/7 water damage restoration on hand as part of your emergency preparedness plan. 

Here are four examples of water damage in your home that only emergency water damage restoration professionals can handle. 

Water entry due to hail-damaged windows

Many homes become compromised by water damaged by storms in two ways. Thunder can cause brittle windows to shatter and break. Large-sized hail traveling at high wind speeds can easily smash through windows, allowing heavy rain to enter your living space. The worst part is, after the hail has left the area, you'll still have to deal with rainwater pouring into your home until you can get your windows repaired or replaced. 

Floodwaters can enter through your doors

One of the most common reasons for water damage inside of a home is due to floodwaters entering through the doors. Not only does flood water ruin the furnishings of the house, but if the water is high enough, it places lives in danger. Floodwaters must be excavated immediately by professionals specializing in emergency water intrusion restoration. A household wet-vac won't do, even in the event of minor flooding, and major flooding will make any electrical outlets dangerous to use. 

Your sewage pipes can back up or break

The thought of your sewage pipes bursting or backing up is enough for you to run to your phone to request an immediate appointment with emergency water intrusion restoration specialists. But there are other important reasons why you should request service. Due to the nature of materials found in sewage, it's dangerous for humans to handle.  It's crucial for professionals to not only excavate sewage water, but it's also crucial for them to perform a complete disinfection of the interior of your property. They can also find the source of the issue so that they can coordinate with the proper contractors to fix the issue. 

Fire sprinklers can ruin your framework and drywall

If your home is outfitted with fire sprinklers, then you might believe that you'll incur water damage when they're ignited to spray water. But in fact, water sprinklers can cause damage if they're the wet pipe variety. The wet pipe variety are those that are constantly filled with water, instead of air. If there's a leak in the pipe, then water will drain out, ruining your drywall, causing mold to grow within the framework of the walls.