Welding Fabrication Repairs When Welds On Your Equipment Break

13 July 2021
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Heavy machinery can be vulnerable to various types of damage. The welds of machinery might be custom fabrication solutions, which can be a problem when they break. Therefore, you might need to have welding fabrication repairs done to your equipment when parts fail. Repairs that you might need to have done to welds include:

Broken Steel Plates

The steel plate of your equipment is vulnerable to damage due to daily work. Sometimes, plates can get beat up and break and need to be repaired. A custom welding fabrication service can help repair or replace these plates that might be damaged due to everyday work. They can also fabricate specialized steel plate features for attachments and special needs that you might have for your equipment. These can include special features like protective cages for cabins to reduce hazards from debris.

Replacing Corroded Metal Materials

Machines that work daily in outdoor conditions are vulnerable to various problems. Over time, the wear of metal like steel can lead to rust and corrosion. Sometimes, these problems get so severe that the damaged sections need to be replaced. When the materials are replaced, finish them with a protective coating and regularly grease parts where metal is exposed. A welding fabrication service can help with these specialized repairs to replace the damaged materials.

Repairing Broken Steel Components

There are also steel components that can break under the stress of workloads. These parts might need to be replaced, but sometimes they can be repaired. If you want to prevent parts from breaking again, a welding fabrication service can reinforce the parts in the most vulnerable areas where they break. These reinforced steel components can make your equipment less vulnerable to downtime due to parts breaking under stress.

Installing Custom-Fabricated Skid Plates

The equipment you use might have some mechanical parts that are more exposed and can be damaged by debris or rocks. Steel skid plates can be added to your equipment by a custom welding fabrication service to reduce these vulnerabilities. Sometimes, equipment might have thinner skid plates that are not as heavy-duty as you need. Fabrication services can help by welding replacement skid plates with thicker plates in the most vulnerable areas to ensure your machinery is safe from being damaged by rocks and debris.

When there is damage to welding on your equipment, custom welding fabrications might need to be done to repair the problems. Contact a welding fabrication repair service to get help dealing with these issues.