Five Maintenance Tips To Help Prepare Your Roof For The Autumn Season

19 July 2021
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Roof maintenance needs to be performed throughout the year, but it is important for maintenance to be taken care of during the fall. One reason for this is to ensure that your roof is protected throughout the winter from the harsh weather. If your roof has suffered damage from the summer, autumn is the time to tackle the repairs. Keep reading to learn five fall maintenance tips to ensure that your roof is in good shape for the upcoming season.

Trim the Trees

Once the leaves start to fall, you may notice that the tree branches are getting a bit too close to the roof. Take the time to trim these back now before they have a chance to cause damage to the roof later on. By taking care of these branches early in the autumn, you will minimize the chance of the leaves falling into your gutters and clogging them up.

Clean Out the Gutters

Clean gutters are necessary in order to ensure that rainwater flows properly off of the roof. When gutters are clogged with leaves and other debris, water can splash back on the roof, potentially causing mold, cracking, and other types of damage. Before fall sets in, clean the gutters out, and make sure that you keep a close eye on them over the next several months to ensure that a clog does not occur.

Install Gutter Guards

One way to minimize the amount of time that you have to spend each year cleaning out the gutters is to have gutter guards installed. These guards are installed over the gutters and prevent leaves and other large debris from getting inside of them. They are designed with small holes, which will allow water to still get inside but will keep out clogging debris.

Schedule a Pre-Winter Inspection

Prior to the colder weather arriving, you will want to schedule a professional inspection to ensure that any issues with your roof are caught and can be taken care of. It is easier for problems to be repaired during the fall than they are to be repaired during the winter when there is snow and/or ice to deal with. Plus, by waiting too long, you could be dealing with a much larger and more expensive issue.

Tackle Roof Repairs as Necessary

When you are told that there is a problem with an area of your roof, make sure to handle them immediately. Do not put off those repairs. While it may only be a small problem now during the autumn, after a long and harsh winter, that minor issue is likely to turn into a significant problem. By maintaining your roof properly, extreme and unwarranted repair costs won't be a worry of yours.

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