Common Causes Of Major Water Damage

22 July 2021
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Water damage is one of the most serious structural problems that a home can experience. As a result, it is important for homeowners to make sure that they are in a position to be able to restore their homes following this damage. More specifically, individuals should invest the time into learning more about the potential causes of water damage that can occur to their homes.

Pipe Ruptures

Pipe ruptures can be a common source of water damage. When one of these pipes ruptures or breaks, it can cause the interior of the house to rapidly fill with water. In the event that your home suffers a pipe rupture, it is critical to stop the flow of water, which will often involve turning off the home's primary supply of water. Due to the extensive damage that this can cause, professional water damage restoration contractors should be contacted immediately so that repairs can start before mold, rot, and other complications develop.

Flash Flooding

The risk of flash flooding is a threat that every homeowner will have to face. If your home is in a lower area, this can be especially problematic. In addition to being able to cause major damage throughout the interior of the home, the flood water that enters it may also contain harmful chemicals. For example, it can be common for vehicle fluids, sewage, and other contaminants to get mixed into the floodwater, which can lead to it being in your home. Due to this hazard, avoid coming into contact with these damaged areas until they have been inspected by a water damage restoration contractor. These professionals will have the safety gear needed to determine the extent of the damage to the interior of the house and will assess the hazardousness of the water that flooded the home.

Leaking Appliances

There are likely numerous appliances in your home that will require an active water connection. Unfortunately, individuals may not appreciate the amount of damage that these leaks can cause. This is especially true for water heaters as they can contain a large amount of water, and they are also prone to developing leaks as they age. In the event of a leaking appliance, you should assess whether it is possible to use a bucket or pan to catch as much of the water as possible while you wait for the repair contractor to arrive. This is needed in addition to turning off the supply of water to the appliance as these appliances may still hold a large amount of water. To learn more, contact a water damage service