Water Damage Restorations: Taking Quick Action To Prevent Problems With Mold And Mildew

14 October 2021
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If you are dealing with water damage, taking quick action is crucial to the restoration process. You want to start dealing with these issues quickly and begin drying your home out before the problems get worse. The following water restoration information will help you take action to prevent problems with mold and mildew growing in your home:

Evaluate Water Damage

To get started repairing the water damage to your home, you want to evaluate the situation. You need to assess the problem, address hazards, and look for areas that might have hidden water damage. Sometimes, the hidden issues with moisture and water damage are the problems that you need to worry about the most.

Remove Wet Materials

There will be materials full of water, which need to be removed from your home before the mold growth begins. You want to decide what materials can be dried out and saved and the materials that need to be thrown out. Often, materials like carpet and drywall are so severally damaged that they have to be disposed of before repairs can be completed. There might be some furniture and personal belongings that you can dry and restore.

Water Removal

The problems with water damage require the removal of the moisture. You want to use pumps, hoses, or whatever tools you have available for water removal. When removing the water that has gotten into your home, you want to make sure to repair issues like plumbing damage.


In addition to water removal, you need to dehumidify your home. This is something that needs to be done with specially designed equipment or fans. When dehumidifying your home, don't use your air conditioning to do it. Using your air conditioning can cause moisture to get into the ductwork, which can lead to other problems.

Mold Remediation Planning

The problems with mold in your home don't start immediately after water damage, but you need to start dealing with them quickly. Start with a mold remediation plan to prevent issues with moisture that can lead to mold and mildew. You can also have the areas that are affected by water damage tested and treated to ensure you don't have any problems with mold after the damage has been repaired.

Prevention is important when dealing with water damage problems to avoid mold problems. If you want to prevent problems from getting worse, contact a water damage restoration service.