FAQs About Water Damage Mitigation Companies

12 November 2021
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Was there a severe storm that caused a tree to fall on the roof and allow rainwater to enter your home? If you are now in a situation where your home is full of water and damage, you must promptly contact professionals to assist with the situation. Your first goal should be to prevent the water damage from spreading and becoming more costly to repair. Water damage mitigation companies are helpful in such situations because they act quickly to remove water and provide other services that can help a homeowner get their home in order. Below, you will find answers to questions that you might have about hiring a water damage mitigation company. 

How Can a Water Damage Mitigation Company Help?

A water damage mitigation company can help by getting rid of the water that entered your home through the roof as quickly as possible. Items that were damaged from the water leak will also be removed from your house, including furniture, flooring materials, and drywall. If any of the damaged furniture is salvageable, it will be cleaned and disinfected rather than being tossed into the garbage. Your home will also be dried out to prevent mold from spreading and causing additional damage. The structural integrity of your home from the water damage might be examined by the mitigation professionals as well.

Will Homeowners Insurance Cover Water Damage?

It is possible that all or a portion of the expenses for water damage mitigation services will be paid by your home insurance provider. Because the water damage is the result of a tree falling on your roof during a severe storm, it is likely that the repairs are covered. However, it is important to check with your insurance provider to find out if the repairs are included with your specific policy. Different insurance companies have their own set rules regarding what is covered when it involves water damage. For example, water damage that is the result of a flood is commonly only covered when a homeowner purchases a policy for flood damage.

How Soon Can an Appointment Be Set for Assistance?

Water damage mitigation companies are usually fast when it comes to setting appointments for their customers because the goal of such companies is to prevent their customers' homes from incurring more damage. Contact a water damage mitigation company to make an appointment so the problem in your home can be resolved as soon as possible.