Restoring Your Home After It Suffers Smoke Damage

18 July 2022
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When a fire occurs in a home, it can be possible for it to suffer extensive secondary damages in addition to the issues that the flames directly cause. In particular, smoke damage is a common side-effect of fires of any size. Yet, smoke damage restoration is often not something that homeowners are prepared to undertake following a fire.

Smoke Damage Can Lead To Exposure To Harmful Substances

Smoke damage should always be cleaned and repaired by professionals. While it may seem like the smoke and residue from the fire could be easy to wipe up, it can actually contain extremely toxic chemicals that could cause serious health problems if you are exposed to them. In addition to the risk of these chemicals being absorbed through your skin, there will also be a risk of these chemicals being inhaled if they were to become airborne, which can easily occur when sweeping or vacuuming. A professional service will have safety gear that can allow them to clean up the smoke residue from the home's interior while avoiding being exposed to these substances.

Time Is A Critical Factor When Restoring A Home After It Suffers Smoke Damage

Waiting to have smoke damage restoration work done to the home can be a significant mistake as it will give these residues time to seep deeper into surfaces and spread further throughout the interior of the home. These factors can lead to the repair and restoration process being more difficult, costly, and longer as a result. Ideally, a smoke damage restoration service should be contacted immediately so that they can begin the process of cleaning and restoring the interior of the home.

A Smoke Damage Restoration Contractor May Be Covered By Your Homeowner's Insurance

Fire and smoke damage restoration is often a very unexpected expense for homeowners, and these costs can be fairly significant. Fortunately, most homeowner insurance policies will have coverage that pays for restoring a home after it has suffered smoke and fire damage. This may allow the homeowner to drastically reduce the total amount of expenses that they will have to pay to these professionals, but the details of the smoke damage restoration coverage should be closely reviewed so that you will know the process for filing a claim with the insurance as well as the limits of this coverage and the deductibles that will be required. Many smoke damage restoration services may even be able to handle the billing for the insurance, which can spare you a step in this process.

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