Why Is Water Damage Restoration So Extensive?

4 January 2023
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When you get water damage all through your property, the water damage cleanup is so extensive it's hard to wrap your head around it. It's also not something you can do on your own. Your water damage restoration company can help make your home back to normal again even if the work takes a long time.

To better understand what goes into your investment when you have water damage restoration done, you should know why the work is so intensive in the first place. Here are reasons why.

The water damage goes deep 

The water damage that is in your home will go deep. It's going to deep into the carpets and flooring, into the floorboards, and even into the walls. If your sub floor gets wet as well, it will be affected and start to bow and rot. Water damage left standing or unnoticed for a long time will be especially damaging, so keep this in mind as you get your water damage restoration needs met.

The water damage spreads fast

Water spreads fast, and the more liquid volume there is, the more the water will spread and soak. If you don't realize you need water damage cleanup done right away, you may have ample amounts of unseen water damage already done. Your water damage restoration company will come in and assess the water damage and look beyond the surface to see how much water damage actually exists. It may have spread to the basement or other areas of the home.

The water damage leaves mold and mildew behind

Even if you mop up the water from water damage right away, you may already have mold and mildew starting to form in your home. The wood may already be swollen and rotting, which can lead to crumbling. Carpet can be soiled and soured, drywall crumbled and sticky, and even cement can get damp. In the end, any water damage becomes extensive if you don't address the situation right away, have lots of moisture left behind, and don't use professional means of water damage removal in the home. 

Your water damage restoration company will send experts to your home to clean up any standing or residual water damage that is in your home. The sooner you address any water issues in the home, the better for proper repair. Your water damage restoration needs will be met easily by a professional company and you can have a more successful water damage cleanup in the end.