Spotting Issues Indicating Your Tools Need Repairs

25 April 2023
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Prompt maintenance and repairs are critical to ensure your tools remain in good working condition and are safe. This article will provide signs that can indicate your tools may require attention: 

You See Visual Signs of Damage

Inspecting your tools regularly helps prevent serious damage by ensuring they are in good working order before you use them. If one of your tools has visual damage like cracks in the handle, bent blades, or rust on any metal part, then this indicates there are parts of the tool that needs repairing or replacement. When there's visual damage to a tool, it can affect its functioning, as well as make it unsafe to handle. 

Look For Decreased Performance

If your tool isn't working as efficiently as it normally does, it may need repairs. For example, if you have a cable cutter that's having a difficult time cutting through cables, then you need to have it repaired.  

There are Strange Sounds 

If your tool is making new sounds, this indicates something has changed. It may have worn parts or broken parts causing the noise. It's important to have the tool repaired right away because using a tool with worn or broken parts can cause more damage or even require full replacement of the tool. 

There Are Loose Parts

There shouldn't be any loose parts on your tools. The parts that may come loose depend on the type of tool it is. Parts that are loose need tightening, and this requires the removal of some parts and the tightening of others from the inside. However, the tools should only be taken apart by a professional, which is why you'll want to take them in for professional repair.  They'll know how to take the tool apart, tighten everything up, then put it back together correctly. Loose tools can be dangerous for the following reasons: 

  • Parts can fly off and hit you, possibly in the eye. 

  • The tool can break and cause you to get cut, burned, or injured in other ways. 

  • The tool could cause you to get shocked or electrocuted. 

There are Electrical Issues

 If you notice any electrical issues when you're using a tool, then you should stop using it immediately. You don't want to use it again until it is repaired. A tool with electrical-related issues can increase the chances of someone getting shocked, or even electrocuted. Also, there is a risk of a fire breaking out. Some signs of electrical issues include: 

  • The lights flicker while you're using the tool. 

  • You get shocked when holding the tool. 

  • There is a burning smell coming from the tool. 

  • You see a spark come from the tool. 


It's important to have your tool repaired before you continue using them. This is the best way to ensure they work efficiently and safely. Contact a company that offers services such as Greenlee tool repair services today.