Steps To Take After Your Water Heater Floods Your Basement

11 May 2023
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If you have a water heater installed in your basement and it happens to leak, dispersing water throughout your lowest floor, fast action needs to be taken to stop any damage from occurring. Time is of the essence. Here are steps to take immediately after discovering the problem at hand.

Stop Water From Continuing To Flow

Turn off the water supply to your water heater so it does not continue to fill, thereby allowing leaking to continue. Observe the area where water is pouring from your water heater and use a container to collect it. If it is pouring out quickly, a large container is necessary. Since this will be difficult to remove from the area due to its weight after water collection, any moisture contained needs to be diverted outdoors. Alternately, keep tabs on the amount of water collected in your container and replace the container with an empty one as you dump out one with water in it.

Remove Personal Items From The Area

In the area where the water heater is located, all personal items need removal in order to keep them from becoming saturated. Work fast at taking your belongings out of the immediate area. If items have already become wet, bring them outdoors to dry in the sun or place them in front of a fan to help in the removal of moisture.

Tend To Pooling Water Immediately

If water pools up on your floor, it needs removal to keep your carpet and drywall from becoming ruined. If you have access to a pump, place it in the water and position the hose portion toward a window so water can be eliminated from within your home. If you do not have an electrical source or a pump available, scoop water with a pail and dump what you collect outdoors, preferably at a level lower than your foundation.

Dry The Area Completely

All areas of your home that had been saturated need a complete drying session as soon as possible. Obtain a high-powered fan to help with the job. Open windows and doors to your basement level to quicken the process depending on the weather conditions at that time. 

Tend To Potential Mold Issues

If building materials are subjected to moisture for an extended time period and drying is not conducted mold or mildew is likely to occur. This causes health risks to people and pets in your home. Use a mold-removing spray agent on walls. Remove the carpet and have it professionally cleaned or replace it with a new remnant near your water heater.  

For more information about water damage restoration, contact a local company.